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Registered NDIS provider or unregistered?

This is a contentious question for many people. A provider who is NDIS...

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Dan McCutcheon

Registered or unregistered? This is a contentious question for many people. A provider who is NDIS registered has been through the NDIS registration process which entails being independently audited by an Approved Quality Auditor (AQA) against the NDIS Practice Standards in addition to a final suitability assessment by the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission. This gives you assurances that the services of the provider meet a high level of quality and safety.

An unregistered provider on the other hand has not been through this process. There are different reasons a provider may not get registered such as cost, significant compliance requirements and multiple funding streams (e.g. Medicare, DVAs, private fees).

It really comes down to your needs and preferences whether you choose a registered or unregistered provider. Keep in mind that to use an unregistered provider you must self-manage or plan-manage your NDIS funding. If you choose to NDIA (agency) manage your funding you only have the option of using NDIS registered providers. 

We’ve summarised the main differences when choosing between registered and unregistered providers in the table below:

 This is a contentious question for many people. A provider who is NDIS...

You can use the NDIS Provider Finder to search for NDIS registered service providers and use the filters to sort by location, type of support (registration group) and if they are an active provider or not. Using this tool will show you every provider in your area (which is usually a lot) which can become overwhelming to try and figure out which one to choose! Another downside of the tool is that it will only show NDIS registered providers. 

Answering the question of registered vs unregistered provider is a personal decision unique to each person. The NDIS does not ‘recommend’ one type of provider over the other, it provides a quality assurance framework that providers can choose to adhere to and a pool that participants can choose to select from.

Whether you choose a registered or unregistered provider comes down to your individual circumstances, needs, and goals, as well as your personal preferences. It's essential to do your research and choose a provider that you feel comfortable with and who you can trust to provide high-quality and effective services.

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