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What is NDIS Support Coordination?

Capacity building & safeguarding as guiding lights in Support Coordination.

Written by
Dan McCutcheon

Support Coordination benefits anyone who could use some help understanding and using their NDIS plan. Unfortunately, it’s not funded for everyone. About 43% of people accessing the NDIS are funded for Support Coordination. Support Coordination looks different for everyone but is based on similar principles of capacity building and safeguarding. 

Getting your NDIS plan is only half the story. The magic of good quality Support Coordination is turning numbers on a page into real life changes that benefit you and your family. A good Support Coordinator gets to know you, your goals and your vision for your life. Then they go about making it happen with you. 

A good Support Coordinator has access to a network of skilled experienced contacts. After you receive your plan, your Support Coordinator should support you to engage with local providers that are aligned with your values, meet your individual needs and will help you to achieve ambitious goals. 

There are two (2) types of Support Coordination:

  1. Specialist Support Coordination (level 3) 

We provide a specialist level of support for you if your life situation is more complex. We will assist you to manage challenges, overcome barriers and ensure a consistent delivery of your supports. Circle SC specialises in providing Specialist Support Coordination (level 3) supporting people with complex support needs facing barriers in their lives. 

  1. Coordination of Supports (level 2)

We coordinate a mix of supports to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, develop skills, live more independently and participate in your community. We aim to build your confidence to self-direct your own life. 

Your NDIS Plan Capacity Building budget will show if you have been allocated funding for Support Coordination. Your NDIS plan will typically describe what level of Support Coordination is funded. 

Capacity building & safeguarding as guiding lights in Support Coordination.

You can find an NDIS registered Support Coordinator using the NDIS Provider Finder tool. If you plan or self-manage your funding (see Circle SC Blog_How Should I Manage my NDIS Funding?) you can engage a non-registered Support Coordinator.

You can find a non-registered provider online, through advertising and through word of mouth. Often recommendations through friends and peer networks who have had good experiences with their Support Coordinator can give you confidence you are going to get quality. 

We believe it is important for your Support Coordinator to be independent as you can be confident no conflicts of interest exist and they have your best interests at heart. A dedicated Support Coordinator can be in your corner and ensure you have a wide range of choices.

Circle SC is proudly an independent Support Coordination ONLY provider and we receive zero kickbacks. 

Circle SC Support Coordinators support you to:

  • Understand and use your NDIS plan. 
  • Navigate the system. 
  • Connect you with high quality providers. 
  • Build your confidence and skills. 
  • Set and achieve your goals. 
  • Build your life vision. 
  • Guide and support you through the often stressful plan reassessment process.  

Circle SC is a small Perth business whose purpose it is to simplify the NDIS, connect you with our skilled contacts, and support you to thrive. With over 10 years experience supporting people living with disabilities, and qualifications and degrees in allied health and business, you can be confident when you choose us, you are choosing quality.

If you are interested in what we do and would like to discuss your Support Coordination needs we would love to hear from you. 

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