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Specialist Support Coordination

The people we support overcome barriers in the community to live great lives.
People with a lived experience of disability enjoying their lives.
People with a lived experience of disability enjoying their lives.
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Our Services

F2F & Virtual Support

We deliver F2F support in the Perth Metro and virtual (telehealth) support anywhere.

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Specialist Support Coordination
Capacity Building – Support Coordination
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Specialist Support Coordinator
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Capacity Building - Support Coordination
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Overcome Barriers
You will overcome barriers you may be facing to achieve your goals.
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We coordinate your supports so everyone works together as a team.
We make sure everyone is on the same page.
We proactively plan to ensure you can access your supports during a time of crisis.
Independent & Experienced
We provide Support Coordination ONLY and have deep knowledge and experience in the NDIS.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Be confident you’re choosing coordinators who are the best choice for you.
Why should I choose Circle SC?

We have extensive experience supporting people with disabilities in complex life situations through the NDIS so you can count on us to help you best use your plan and achieve your goals. We are down-to-earth, authentic and transparent.

We take responsibility for overcoming challenges and achieving goals and we take ownership over our mistakes. We are also an independent Specialist Support Coordination provider. This means we have no hidden agenda and will always put your interests first.

What can I expect from a Circle coordinator?

You can expect a compassionate, organised, responsive, and knowledgeable Specialist Support Coordinator who will be alongside you every step of the way. We will get to know your life circumstances and support you to identify your goals. We will also utilise our networks in the industry to connect you with quality providers to form a strong team.

We will regularly check-in with you to ensure you are maximising your funding without overspending. We play a strong role in gathering all the reports and documents needed for your NDIS plan reassessment and we will write our own in-depth report and attend this with you to ensure you get a positive outcome. We can also assist you through the lengthy and potentially stressful appeals process if your funded supports do not meet your needs.

How do you determine what the best options are for me?

You are the person that ultimately makes this decision. However we will be alongside you to navigate the system so you are aware of the different options available to you. We do this by getting to know you and your situation and what makes you tick. We have several methods of doing this including:

  • Listening intently to your story.
  • Communicating regularly with you and your support team.
  • Engaging in goal setting with you.
  • Completing a ‘Circles of Support’ exercise with you to get to know your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and paid supports.
  • Developing support plans.
  • Utilising our network of high quality providers to ensure you get the best support possible.
Why is it important my coordinator is independent like Circle SC?

At Circle SC we are a completely independent Specialist Support Coordination provider. We ONLY provide Specialist Support Coordination and no other NDIS funded supports. We have no hidden agenda to persuade you to use our other services because we don’t have any!

We put your goals and your choices first to make sure you get the highest quality supports from the best providers. We are flexible, adaptable and think outside the box to create the best solution for you.

Why is it important that Specialist Support Coordinators are qualified and experienced?

Specialist Support Coordination is only funded by the NDIA in circumstances where specialist support is required. This could be because a person has extremely high support needs or who are in very complex life situations with a large number of different stakeholders. Because of the complexity of the support required, it is important that the Specialist Support Coordination has the appropriate qualifications and experience to be able to navigate this. Our Specialist Support Coordinators are all degree qualified in allied health disciplines and have deep NDIS and case-management experience to ensure we are up to the task!

Where are you located and where do you support people?

We are based in Perth, WA. We support people all over Perth Metro and if you are outside of Perth Metro we can support you via virtual (telehealth) support. We support families as far as Margaret River, Albany and Broome.  

Can Circle SC help with my NDIS plan re-assessment?

110%! One of our main responsibilities as your coordinator is gathering reports, documents and creating a comprehensive plan reassessment report for your LAC or NDIA planner. We will also be alongside you to attend the plan reassessment meeting.

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